Say GoodBye to 2020 and Hello to Wellness

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 Saying Goodbye to 2020 can't come soon enough for most folks. As we put the election behind us and look forward to putting the Virus behind us, we also look forward to the upcoming Holidays. A time to stop work and spend quality time with the ones we love. Please be sure to make the most of this Holiday season.
It has been an incredibly stressful year, and stress is the leading cause of most diseases that affect us all. Stress happens when we feel hopeless to control our situation or circumstances in life. Having the government tell you to stay indoors, lockdown your favorite bar or restaurant, or even fine you for non-compliance is Very stressful. So while many situations in the external world are beyond our control, we have a choice to how we deal with our internal world. By our internal world, I am talking about our minds and bodies. We can choose to find quiet , peaceful places to escape the drama of the main-stream media or social media and reflect on our internal state of mind. I am reminded of a Buddhist teaching that uses the acronym _ R.A.I.N. "Let it rain" . When stress in our lives seems insurmountable , remember the phrase - 'Let it rain". R - Recognize - what emotional state am I in? A - Accept the thing or person as it is. You may not be able to control or change this. I - Investigate - why did this emotional or mental state come up? and lastly, N - Non-Identity. These are just feelings, emotional or mental states. They can be very stressful... but they do not define you! Repeat to yourself "I am not the body", "I am not the mind" , "I am not this emotion".
So while the previous statements deal with the mind, there are also things you can do for your body to reduce and eliminate stress. Yoga is a great start. Basic Yoga breathing can do wonders to rejuvenate your mind and body. The body movements of Yoga works to release negative energy from your whole system leaving you feeling clear, calm and ready to approach your meditation time with comfort and ease. Yes, meditation is Key. It is a pivotal time in history, with so many rapid changes coming everyday we can hardly keep up. We all can benefit from giving ourselves meditation time to invest in our sense of purpose and well-being. For more on this , check out Yoga magazine , or You will see many articles on health and yoga there and you can see where SmartAlec's was featured in  last month! 
Finally, another point about our body-wellness. We can take supplements to enhance our immune system or cognitive function. A proper diet, exercise, and emotional health are going to be critical in 2021 if we are going to fight the dark forces that are constantly bombarding us with propaganda, lies, disease and fear. We have a choice, but we must exercise it. Choose a cost effective supplement that combines cognitive function, immune defense and heart-health. SmartAlec's Smart-Heart Blend offers all of this and more...loaded with beneficial nutrients and compounds to keep you at peak performance! 
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For the diet or workout enthusiast , consider SmartAlec's MCT Oil Powder. Energy & Focus.  You will feel the difference. Or try them both!
May you have a safe and special Holiday. Be with the ones you love, and love yourself.   
                                               Say Hello to Wellness!
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