Mushroom Coffee

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Here's how you can add the many Amazing benefits of Mushrooms to your diet in just a few minutes ( or sips , or gulps ) a day!
Have you ever wondered what all the hype is about Chaga Coffee? Have you ever wanted to try it? Ever wondered why so many people are adding mushroom powder to their coffees or smoothies? Do you wish you could get wonderful health benefits and still enjoy your coffee?
Well now you can! Continue reading to find out how!
My name is Timothy and I'm writing today from SmartAlecs to let you in on our secret. Have you ever felt foggy even after your morning coffee? I can relate because I've been there many times. I felt slow , sluggish and had "cobwebs" in my brain.
Before I discovered these mushroom powders I would think to myself , "Do I need an energy drink as well?" But I felt like that would be too much and not a healthy alternative. Do you know too many people in the U.S. consume way too many energy drinks? Do you know some end up having kidney , heart, or liver problems?
Soon, I will explain how to still get the extra boost - without having to have another cup of coffee or any of those unhealthy energy drinks. You'll find out why many more people everyday are choosing Mushroom powder extracts. Finally, I'll show you how to get yourself a delicious cup of coffee and amazing , healthy mushroom powder!
But order soon, I'm not sure how much longer the sale on these items is going to run.
And if you think Energy drinks are bad, imagine a day without coffee!
So don't be without your morning coffee routine and try adding a multitude of beneficial compounds to your diet. SmartAlec's Coffee and SmartAlec's Mushroom Powder Extracts.
I realized too many people were looking for extra energy, focus, and health so We offer two different supplement powders. SmartHeart Mushroom Blend combines Chaga , Lions Mane , and Cordyceps mushroom with two herbs aimed at better circulation and better breathing. MCT Oil powder blends Lions Mane mushroom with MCT Oil Powder for Keto diet and more!
Ordering is easy. All you need to do is click here , choose your coffee , choose your mushroom powder and you are all set. Delivered straight to your door.
Our coffee is roasted fresh and sealed/shipped the day it's ordered. Our SmartHeart Blend will help slow the processes that may lead to cardio-vascular disease. These mushroom extracts may help lower cholesterol, boost your immune system, stimulate the growth of brain nerve cells, increase exercise performance, aid in digestion and circulation and is also anti-inflammatory. That is just a few of the benefits...
Our MCT Oil Powder is made from the finest coconuts , dried into a powder and mixed with polysaccharide ( which is good for you too!) and Lion's Mane Mushroom powder. This blend will give you "crazy" energy without the extra calories. MCT Oil doesn't store as easily as fat in the body as other oils. It is a sustained energy source.
Order now to experience a healthy alternative to "energy drinks" and get the energy, focus and health benefits you crave. One recent customer wrote in to tell us " I put the MCT Oil Powder Extract in my smoothie before my workout and WOW! - I really had a BLAST of Extra Energy!" " I just ripped thru my work-out with enthusiasm!"
Get free delivery on coffee and reduced delivery charges on Mushroom Powder. Order either of the mushroom powder bags and get a free coffee scoop. If you want the free scoop and you want the benefits of mushroom coffee plus the sales prices - ORDER NOW.
No More Unsafe Energy Drinks. No More missing out on the many, many benefits of Natures superfood - Mushrooms. By the way, the mushrooms are extracts using hot water extract method 8:1 . The powders don't have a strong mushroom taste and mix very well in coffee. Use the powder as a creamer or continue to add your favorite creamer.
Energy, Focus and a powder thats convenient! ( Oils and liquid extracts have spilled in my gym bag before - not nice. ) Sale ends soon... Order now.

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