Wow! What is Going On??

Hello everyone, Timothy at Smart-Alec's here. What a time to be alive, eh? With all the weirdness going on these last couple of years you may be asking yourself, "What is going on??" But whatever conclusions you may come up with - I'm here to remind you to keep an open mind, be prepared to arrive at new conclusions, and don't let it stress you out. Remember, stress is the number one causal factor in disease. Stress can be defined in one way as being in a state of disharmony. The mind and body are in a form of imbalance. It is important to take a quiet moment for ourselves everyday, even if it is only ten minutes, and meditate, pray, and reflect gratitude. In these quiet moments is where we will find ourselves and return to the harmonious state we are meant to live in. The balance, peace of mind and stability we humans can achieve is remarkable. The healing that can occur if we just take the time to be still..and know... 

Also , exercise is extremely important. Depending on your age and/or your vaxx status, you may want to consider getting your heart rate elevated for about twenty minutes a day. Stretching and yoga are great to do as a warm up. AM/PM Yoga for Beginners by Element and Elena Brower is a simple , easy to follow program that will deliver results. If you are more advanced , have you considered the 108 day challenge by Travis Eliot? Look for The Ultimate Yogi series. 

But what is meditation and exercise without a healthy diet? It is so important to get the right balance in our diets. Notice the theme? BALANCE. Be sure to have lots of protein, green veggies , grains and carbs... in the right proportions. If necessary, count your calories and read, read, read. Learn. There is a lot of info out there, but do NOT fall for a new diet fad. Secret. They don't work. Just eat healthy and exercise. 

With all the weirdness in the world you will need to be prepared for whatever shocking revelations may come your way. With a healthy mind and body you won't be so easily stressed at whatever you may hear, see or experience. Whether the world or the people of the world are ready or not ... we have already entered the Age Of Aquarius as witnessed by the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn in the late December sky. Change is here. Upheaval is inevitable. Get ready. 

One way I prepare daily is taking a scoop of Smart-Alecs mushroom powder extract blend. This supplement has three types of mushrooms and two herbal extracts that provide essential nutrients and health benefits including increased mental focus and better blood circulation. 

Another way I prepare daily is having a scoop of Smart-Alecs MCT Oil powder extract with Lion's Mane mushroom blended into my smoothie or coffee. This MCT Oil will provide you with an extra spark of energy to push through even the toughest workout. And MCT Oil is a fat. A healthy fat that won't store in your body as fat. The liver processes this fat quickly and pushes into your bloodstream for an incredible boost of energy. 

So what is going on?? Change. Disruption of the old guard. The old things and ways will pass away. Be prepared. Be healthy. Be Balanced.


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